Rates & Policies



$18 per visit for up to two cats with no medications administered

$21 per visit for three or more cats or for medication administration

$25 to transport your animal(s) to a local veterinarian or groomer

$40 fee for an unexpected/emergency visit to a veterinarian*

$15 fee for cage cleaning for small pets such as hamsters or guinea pigs

$10 additional charge per day if a pet sitting visit falls on a holiday (New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day) 

*Please note that Purrfect Pet Sitting will send an invoice to the pet owner for any additional charges from a veterinarian


1. All clients are required to complete a Pet Sitting Contract and its attachments  

2. Purrfect Pet Sitting provides the following services:

  • Litter box clean up
  •  Fresh water
  •  Feeding 
  • Transporting your pet(s) to the veterinarian (extra $40 fee if visit is unexpected) 
  • Administration of lactated ringers (fluids)  ($5 fee for each administration) 
  • Administration of medications 
  • Administration of supplements 
  • Bringing in mail from pet owner’s mailbox 
  • Watering plants (please provide specific instructions) 
  • Cage cleaning for small pets such as hamsters or guinea pigs ($15 fee per cage) 
  • Rotating lights on and off in and outside of the house to make it looked lived in  

3. If pet owner returns home later than planned, pet owner agrees to pay Purrfect Pet Sitting for each additional visit.  

4. If pet owner arrives home early from his/her trip, pet owner will remain obligated to pay the full amount agreed upon in the Pet Sitting Contract.  

5. Thirty days after receipt of any billing/invoice from Purrfect Pet Sitting, pet owner will be charged a monthly interest rate of 1.5% per month  

6. Checks returned from any financial institution will result in a penalty paid by the pet owner.  

7.   Pet owner will be charged a cancellation fee should he/she choose to cancel a reservation/contract anytime after one week before the beginning date noted in the Pet Sitting Contract.

8.   Pet owner MUST contact Purrfect Pet Sitting upon their return.  Visits will continue at the pet owner’s expense until Purrfect Pet Sitting has been notified of the pet owner’s return.  

9. Purrrfect Pet Sitting is not liable for any mishap, regardless of its nature, which may befall a pet or be caused by a pet who has unsupervised access to the outdoors.  

10. Purrfect Pet Sitting will not leave your key(s) inside your home at the end of your trip.  Reason:  if you are delayed for any reason, your pet sitter will no longer have access and will be unable to continue care for your pets.  A separate meeting will be arranged for the return of your key(s).