About The Owner


Hi!  My name is Monica and I provide cat sitting in Minneapolis. I come from a large Catholic family, four brothers and three sisters. I was raised by my parents who remain married to this day (they celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary this year!). As I am second to the youngest, I was afforded a lot of freedom/my parents were the furthest from helicopter parents. I was free to run and explore. I enjoyed living in the St. Croix River Valley during my childhood years. 

I went to college at North Dakota State University where I studied English and obtained a B. A. I then entered the workforce, but found that I was struggling to make ends meet. I had become a single parent and needed to increase my finances. I attended college at Inver Hills Community College where I majored in the Legal Assistant program and obtained an A. S. degree. I worked in the legal field for many years after obtaining my degree.  Eventually my love of all animals overtook me and I decided to take classes at Argosy University toward becoming a Veterinary Technician. My interest was mainly in animal behavior classes and not in becoming a vet tech. I then began volunteering at the Humane Society in Golden Valley. I volunteered there for approximately five years in the Behavior and Training Department, assisting trainers with obedience classes. Since that time, I have come to realize that while I do love dog training, I am even more interested in animal care - the day to day tasks that go into helping keep an animal healthy. 

I have been married to my husband for 14 years. We live in Brooklyn Park and own 1 dog, 3 cats, 1 gerbil and a horse. My first cat was a 6-year-old cat that I adopted from the Humane Society in St. Paul. She was shy and though she didn't hide a lot, she did not like to be picked up and wasn't about to become my immediate friend. She took time to warm up to me, but after that we were fast friends. Since I wanted a cat that would cuddle, my solution was to adopt another cat! Since that time, I have always owned cats. One of my cats requires fluids every other day for chronic dehydration. I have a lot of experience dealing with varied health concerns. My cat, Boo, was a medical mystery. He experienced crystals in his urine, kidney failure, cystitis, inflammatory bowel, pancreatic cancer and a chronic upper respiratory infection that eventually turned into emphysema.  During his 15 years, he taught me a lot about cat care! I have owned cats for 25 years and I absolutely love them.  Pet sitting in Minneapolis is my business and caring for animals is my passion!