Featured Cat


Patti Pink

Favorite activity:

  Playing in her cat castle and napping   


   Shy at first, but after she knows you, she is gentle and sweet 

Favorite toy:

    Toy mice 

Favorite treat:  


Favorite food:

   She is not picky, and eats any kind of dry cat food 

Special talents:

    She has an amazing vertical jumping ability 


    She was once a stray and lived outside.  We think because of this, she doesn't have much interest in being outside. When we do bring her outside on her tie-out, she often goes and stands by the door, telling us she wants back inside her safe, warm house.   

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About Us

Why We Do What We Do

It's all about a love of animals and a passion for animal care. When you know your calling, you strive to be the best you can be at what you do!

Why Hire a Professional Pet Sitter?

Here are some reasons to hire a professional pet sitter:

  • When the pet sitter arrived, the cats were accidentally closed in a bedroom with no access to a litter box!
  • When the pet sitter arrived, the cat was eating a poisonous plant and throwing up all over the owner's apartment
  • Neighbor child was taking care of owner's cats and when the pet sitter arrived to take over, there was no water and no food left out for cats!
  • Owners left windows open and it began to rain.
  • Owners asked a friend to come for the evening visits.  The friend did not come and the cats got into their food and ate as much as they wanted!

No Substitute

There really is no substitute for a Professional Pet Sitter.  Every pet owner wants the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your cats (and/or pocket pets) are being cared for while you are away.  There is no substitute for  the experience a good pet sitter can provide!  Purrfect Pet Sitting provides the care your pet deserves!